Hawaiian Language (`Olelo Hawai`i)

Books About the Hawaiian Language

The beautiful Hawaiian language, like so many, had been forgotten and surpressed. With so many Hawaiian people wanting a cultural connection to their past, language immersion has developed statewide and beyond. Amazon.com proudly presents books & audiocassette tapes, so you too can come to know `Olelo Hawai`i.

Hawaiian dictionary Hawaiian Dictionary -Hawaiian-English , English-Hawaiian
Mary Kawena Pukui & Samuel Elbert

The late Pukui is known in Hawaii and abroad as a cornerstone for the revival and continuation of the Hawaiian language. This is an excellent resource to find out what Hawaiian words mean and to find the Hawaiian translation for most English words. Order The Hawaiian Dictionary... today!

Hawaiian dictionary New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary
Mary Pukui, Samuel Elbert, Mookini, Nishizawa

If you're planning a trip to Hawaii or just want a quick resource for Hawaiian words, check out the New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary. Grammar and Hawaiian translations of English given names makes this a plus. Order theNew Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary now!

Hawaiian Names-English Names
by Eileen M. Root

If you’re expecting an addition of a child, pet, or even boat, to your family, or know of someone who is, finding a name will be an important task. The beautiful Hawaiian language can provide alternatives to traditional names that will leave a lasting impression. Pick up Hawaiian Names-English Names today!

Learn Hawaiian At Home-Audiocassette & Book
Kahikahealani Wight

If you're interested in learning the Hawaiian language, hearing its proper pronunciation and inflection will help you to succeed with quicker results. Learn in the comfort of your home, car, or office at your own pace. Pick up Learn Hawaiian-Audiocassette & Book today!

Hawaiian dictionary Pidgin To Da Max
Douglas Simonson, Pat Sasaki (Contributor), Ken Sakata (Contributor)

With the numerous cultures in Hawaii, people needed a way to communicate across language barriers. Pidgin English was practiced, commonly using slang and shortened words to express what they wanted to be said. Pidgin To Da Max is the original and a local classic, poking fun at the local lingo. Become educated while laughing out loud with the one and only; order Pidgin To Da Max today!