Authentic Flower Leis


Hawaiian Flower Leis

For any occasion, Mother's Day, graduations, weddings, birthdays, luaus... there is something special about receiving or giving an authentic handmade Hawaiian orchid lei. In Hawai'i the lei is symbolic of admiration for loved ones, and esteem for oneself. Extremely diverse and beautiful, leis are made and given for any occasion or special ceremony in Hawaii, whether it be for school achievement, church and religious activities, memorial services or just to express warmth and friendship.orchid leis

We offer Single and Double Dendrobium Orchid Leis, Ti Leaf and Maile Leis. The colors available are white, tutone or purple for Dendrobium leis. Hawaiian grown Orchid leis are extremely popular in Hawaii and very sturdy with a subtle fragrance making them the ideal gift. Multiple lei discounts shown below are available when sent to the same address.

Lei Care Instruction

After receiving leis, spray lightly with water to moisten them. You don't want them dripping wet. Put them into a plastic bag and place them in your vegetable bin of your refrigerator (if not freezing cold), or out in a cool garage. The best temperature to store them is around 53 - 55 degrees F. They should last for 3-5 days.

Hawaiian Orchid Dendrobium Lei (Single)
$43.79, 2/$59.00, 3/$74.21
Maile Lei
Regular price: $70.00
Sale price: $65.00
Hawaiian Orchid Dendrobium Lei (Double)
$56.21, 2/$83.86, 3/$111.50