Anthurium Bouquets and Plants

Anthurium...The Heart of Hawaii
Anthurium andraeanum

anthurium, tropical flowers, 
exotic flowers, Hawaii tropical connection With a vast array of colors and incredible vase life, the Anthurium is the most popular and long lasting of all tropical flowers, with over 12 million stems shipped annually from Hawaii. Our select farms grow the most consistent, high quality flowers, and produce the most spectacular cultivars found anywhere.

No matter what the occasion is, weddings, birthdays, holidays, office or home interior design, there is a variety of anthurium that will be the perfect choice. The colors range from the popular bright reds, bi-color obake, green midori to the subtle shades of pinks and peach.

red anthurium, tropical flowers, 
exotic flowers, Hawaii tropical connection Premium Red Anthurium
Anthurium, from anthos, meaning flower, and oura, meaning tail, refers to the many tiny true flowers that form in the yellow tail-like spadix. These bright red heart shaped beauties are the most well known the world over.

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TROPICAL, HAWAIIPremium Obake Anthurium
The bi-color red green Obake Anthurium hybrids are definitely Hawaiian in origin, with our Hilo growers producing some of the most outstanding cultivars in the world. The name, Obake, is the Japanese word for ghost and suggests the dramatic variations among hybrids in form, size, and color. If you're looking for a real exotic show stopper, this is the ideal choice.

Tropical Flowers midori anthurium, hawaii, flowers, tropical, exoticPremium Pastel Anthurium
The highly prized pink, green midori and peach (not shown) anthurium demonstrate the subtle hues available of this most versatile flower. Many wedding bouquets are made up of pink and peach anthurium with delicate ferns wrapped with matching ribbon and tissue.

tulip anthurium, fancy grade, tropical flowers Tulip Shaped Anthurium

Anthurium amnicola

Tulip shaped anthuriums have become increasingly popular because of their unique shapes and colors. New cultivars of plants are still being discovered in nature and introduced to the ornamental tropical flower market. Our grower is the leader in producing these new and unusual anthurium varieties.